“The brand embraces a turn-of-the-century tradition of French perfumery, and offers its products with elegance and simplicity. Each ingredient is subject to meticulous research to ensure quality and refinement – rare natural essences, unadorned bottles, handcrafted cases, black, ornamented lids…
In keeping with this spirit, the creations of Institut Très Bien comprise a universe of luxury and refinement, reminiscent of that splendid period when perfume was worn only on exceptional occasions. Fragrant compositions imparting a singular olfactory emotion, sophisticated in their simplicity, their first-rate materials and handcrafted quality imbuing them with vibrant personality.
The spirit of Institut Très Bien resides also in giving the same amount of time and attention to the fragrances as to their presentation, in a relentless effort to push back the limits of excellence.” ( excerpt from web site Institut Trés Bien)