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l’arabesque is a treasure trove and veritable gathering place for lovers of art, fashion, design and fine cuisine. It opened its doors on September 29, 2010.

A CULT STORE  located in the pulsating centre of Milan – in Largo Augusto – ( and a second small  store in Largo Treves) a place that both welcomes and recounts a new rhetoric of wonder, where elements of   beauty constitute the exquisite narrative.  This is the kaleidoscopic universe of l’arabesque, composed of collections of contemporary ready-to-wear lines under the name of  Chichi Meroni for l’arabesque and l’arabesque Black imbued with timeless style designed by Chichi Meroni;  sparkling vintage costume jewelry and accessories; mid-century modern furnishings from European and American masters of design plus a new collection of furnishings designed by Chichi Meron and launched  at the Milan Design Week 2019;  hard-to-find books on design, fashion, interiors, art, photography; a rare collection of early and mid-20th century  Japanese kimonos, Haute Parfumerie fragrances and exclusive couture services in The Atelier. Through its  aesthetic l’arabesque celebrates the timeless bond between fashion, design, culture  and gourmandise; a lifestyle reverie whose  enriching identity breaks with the mundane.

Petit Salon
de Curiosités

The Atelier is located above l’arabesque stores in Largo Augusto  offering exclusive tailoring services. It is a timeless place where you can enjoy an alluring couture experience similar to those of the best Milanese ateliers of the 1950s and 1960s.

l’arabesque Research Vintage  – A special area of the l’arabesqueheadquartesis dedicated to collect and sell (only on scheduled appointment) actual pieces of “wearable history” dedicated to vintage lovers but specially conceived for  fashion and design creative mindssearching for inspiration in vintage textiles, shapes, details or for fashion stylists looking for rare pieces to create exceptional storiesand photo shoots