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The Wind Melody

by Chichi Meroni


 There are people driven by an insatiable desire to create, capable of applying themselves in the most different fields. It’s about being gifted with a natural disposition that must be cultivated and nourished every day; it is about owning the attitude to discover and to know, that looks into the past in order to bridge the gap between the present and future

Chichi Meroni possesses this attitude. But, as happens to most eclectic personalities that dedicate themselves to “doing”, she does not concern herself with communication. She imagines, draws, conceives and designs stores, furnishings, clothing… and she does not linger in their contemplation, urged by new visions. She doesn’t feel the need to relate and explain. She prefers to invent, constantly stimulated by the desire to give shape to her ideas.

The Milan Design Week 2019 represents a turning point for Chichi Meroni: she claims a first row seat to unveil herself as designer of the furnishing collection “the Wind Melody”, a project intimately tied to her passion for the Japanese culture.

The name of this series evokes Arashiyama, the largest bamboo forest in the world, set in the outskirts of Kyoto and where, the Japanese believe, the wind rustles between the stalks producing a gentle melody. The collection features a bookcase, a few seatings, a consolle and a coffee table, as well as a writing table and a TV cabinet, all made of wood finished in warm colours. The common denominator of this series is represented by the slim lacquered metal bamboo legs that confer levity to the clean and essential shapes, by the intense colours of the Urushi Lacquers finishings.  Constant references to the Zen philosophy can be found both in the collection of furnishings and in the scenography of their display: tatami flooring, shoji panels to separate the three areas dedicated respectively to Thought – Writing/Reading – Sound that overlook, like a stage, a Zen garden surrounded by a walkway that allows to walk through the exposition like an imaginary slow stroll in a real japanese temple garden.

The lounge chair with a dragon design, symbol of protection in eastern philosophies, is positioned within the concentric circles of the Zen garden.

The collection reveals Chichi Meroni’s sober and elegant approach to the project, and her ability to create contemporary atmospheres contaminated by erudite cultural references deriving from her innate expertise.

The fabrics: silk, velvet, skai-artificial leather, and polyethylene represent the flowing of time like streaming water in a Zen garden.

The “Wind Melody” collection is showcased integrated by the works of two young italian designers: Sonia Pedrazzini, author of a series of cultured ceramics “Le Morandine”, inspired by the paintings of Giorgio Morandi, and Sebastiano Fischer, solitary ceramist that in Pantelleria, where he was born and lives today, following his studies at Venice’s Accademia di Belle Arti, creates vases in archetypal shapes, enameled mixtures of natural materials from his surroundings: obsidian, volcanic clay, and mud from the Venere Lake that make up a palette with unexpected nuances, brightened by metallic gleams.   



Cristina Morozzi, Aprile 2019